Breivik: Norway attacks meant to kill hundreds, court hears

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Breivik: Norway attacks meant to kill hundreds, court hears

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Anders Behring Breivik told a court in Norway on Thursday that he had planned to kill all 564 people on Utoeya island last July, not just the 69 he shot dead.

On day four of his trial, the 33-year-old said he also wanted to bomb parliament and murder a former Prime Minister.

Breivik has admitted the Oslo bombing and island shootings that killed 77 people but pleaded not guilty. He said his victims were traitors who had supported immigration and multiculturalism.

The Norwegian killer says he “trained” for the attacks by taking a year off to play video games for up to 16 hours a day, which survivor Tore S. Bekkedal said was difficult to hear.

“I’ve played the same violent video games and I don’t go around bloody shooting kids. I mean half the people on Utoeya have played the same games,” said Bekkedal.

“It’s a part of our culture and it is an established part of our youth culture and it is baffling to think that they would choose to link that to the violence rather than linking, say for instance, rather fascist political views.”

Last July’s attacks were the worst atrocities on Norwegian soil since World War II.

Breivik’s trial is set to last 10 weeks. The main focus relates to his sanity and whether or not he should be jailed. He will get a chance to challenge two psychiatric reports next week.