Inside the world of reggae legend Bob Marley

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Inside the world of reggae legend Bob Marley

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“Marley” paints a picture of the life, music and legacy of the Jamaican singer-songwriter. He died in 1981 at the age of 36, but had a lasting influence on the politics of his own island, and oppressed people the world over.

Using rare, sometimes unseen, footage the movie charts the life of the much-loved star from poor beginnings in Trench Town to international stardom.

The Hollywood premiere attracted big names from the world of film and music to the red carpet.

The Marley family chose the Oscar winner Kevin MacDonald to direct, becoming the first portrait of the musician to be made with their approval and participation.

One of his sons, Ziggy Marley, said: “The man is the man but the message is the most important part of it. I’ve been to Africa, I’ve been to many places where Bob was around. He wasn’t there physically, but his music was there, supporting the movements of freedom in these countries. So it’s not much about the man when it comes to, you know, the things he would stand for, it’s about what his message was. And that is still here.”

Another son, Robbie Marley, added: “We wanted to show the world the more intimate side, and not just people’s opinions, and people who didn’t really know him. People who knew him.”

And another son Rohan Marley explained: “To find the right person to do it right, and to be able to believe, in the family, that it has to be our way, you know? And Kevin MacDonald worked really worked side by side with Ziggy to make sure that came across — family approval, you know what I mean.”

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