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Mixed Argentine reaction to YPF-Repsol row


Mixed Argentine reaction to YPF-Repsol row

Argentina’s government is incurring the wrath of Spain with the nationalisation of YPF to reduce oil imports, according to President Cristina Fernandez – who is being feted in the Argentine press.

One newspaper headline called Fernandez ‘Mrs Courage’, but the praise is not universal.

Buenos Aires resident Julio Olax said: “I think getting our national heritage back is great. It’s not the only thing and I think all Argentines have come together to agree so that the country can belong to Argentinians – not foreigners.”

However, another woman who also lives in the capital, did not approve of the way the situation had developed: “I agree that a country’s energy company has to be state-owned, but not like this. It has been done in a very messy way, and it’s another international embarrassment,” she said.

Spanish firm Repsol had previously been told by Fernandez to boost production and was accused of under-investment, before the decision to expropriate the shares that give it an almost 60 percent holding in one of Argentina’s largest oil companies.

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YPF nationalisation sours relations between Spain and Argentina