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Britain to deport radical Islamic cleric

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Britain to deport radical Islamic cleric


The UK re-arrested radical Islamic cleric Abu Qatada on Tuesday, resuming proceedings to have the terror suspect deported to Jordan.

The 51-year-old Palestinian-Jordanian has never been charged with any offence in the UK. But Qatada has been convicted of acts of terrorism in his native country in his absence.

A previous attempt to have Qatada removed was overruled by the European Court of Human Rights, for fears that he may be tortured there.

Britain’s Interior Minister Theresa May travelled to Jordan last month to seek assurances that no torture would take place.

Until earlier this year, Qatada – who’s seen as a threat to Britain’s national security – spent more than six years in jail under anti-terrorism laws.

Since his release in February has been under a 22 hour a day curfew.

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