Breivik claims two other extremists at large

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Breivik claims two other extremists at large

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Self-confessed killer Anders Breivik refused to be silenced on the second day of his trial.

The court itself was hit by an overnight resignation of one of the judges for comments made on social media, and their replacement.

Making his first appearance at the stand Breivik read from a statement for an hour despite the judges ordering him to desist from violent propaganda.

He claimed the existence of two other single-person cells, and a “network” of like-minded people in Norway. His testimony will last another four days.

“I think it’s very important we understand what happened in this case, that he is allowed to give his statement in this context – this is a courtroom -and it is also of great importance for the psychiatric expert witness to evaluate how his mind works,” said the President of the Norwegian Bar Association Berit Reiss-Andersen.

Although none of Breivik’s words will be broadcast from the courtroom, the trial is still a painful prolongation for survivors of his rampage.

“We have to remember what happened but I want to forget him. But right now there is media from all over the world and Norwegian media is sending from the court trial continuously. I also think that he is getting what he wants and I don’t want to be part of that,” said Hildegunn Fallang.

A verdict is not expected until at least mid-July.