North Korean leader makes unprecedented speech

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North Korean leader makes unprecedented speech

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North Korea’s new leader Kim Jong-un has delivered his first major public speech. He spoke for 20 minutes, the first time a North Korean leader has made a major public set-piece address.

Despite a failed rocket-launch just two days earlier, Kim Jong-un urged tens of thousands in the crowd to ‘move towards final victory.’

America’s ABC network correspondent Bob Woodruff is in Pyongyang for euronews.

“Kim Jong-un is going be more open and public than his father was,” Woodruff told us.
“And in terms of the topic, the content, what he’s talking about, (he) is very similar to his father. The kind of facts that they’ve talked about for all these years, that’s not really different. But the fact that he talked for 20 minutes, compared to one sentence of his father all those years ago (is different). The other news, of course, here is this failed rocket launch. This time, they decided they would actually make this public, and it was several hours after this rocket went down, but they did say it. This never happened before with Kim Jong-il.”

Kim Jong-un is the third of his dynasty to rule the impoverished nation which is celebrating the centenary of his grandfather’s birth.

His late father’s nuclear ambitions alarmed many other countries. Spy satellite images suggest North Korea is now planning a third nuclear test.