North Korean rocket launch sparks condemnation

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North Korean rocket launch sparks condemnation

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Reaction to North Korea’s failed rocket launch has been swift.

Demonstrators ‘launched’ a mock missile in the South Korean capital Seoul, as they fired criticism at Pyongyang.

Some analysts think the possibility of a nuclear test is now high.

“The UN Security Council will likely issue an official rebuke,” said Toshimitsu Shigemura, Professor of International Relations at Waseda University in Tokyo.

“But the question is whether the UN issues new sanctions, and whether the US and South Korea issue new sanctions. If they don’t, North Korea can think that they’ve won,” he continued. While critical of the rocket launch, Russia says it opposes any new measures against Pyongyang.

“We do not believe in new sanctions, they will not help to resolve the situation,” Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said.

“The UN Council should be responsible for fulfilling its job but at the same time try to achieve the main goal, to restart the six-party talks,” he added.

Any new sanctions against North Korea appear unlikely, with Russia and China in opposition.