Egypt bans former Mubarak officials from the presidency

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Egypt bans former Mubarak officials from the presidency

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The Egyptian parliament has banned officials who worked under deposed leader Hosni Mubarak from running for the presidency. The new law could thwart former Vice President Omar Suleiman’s bid to lead the country.

First round elections take place over two days from May 23.

Egypt’s ruling military still needs to approve the plan before they announce a list of final candidates later this month. The law does not include former ministers, which means Amr Moussa, who spent a decade as Mubarak’s foreign minister could still run.

The influential Muslim Brotherhood backtracked last week after promising not to field a presidential candidate. Millionaire businessman Khairat al-Shater will represent one the Islamic world’s most dominant groups in the vote.

There is still uncertainty over whether he can run. Until last year al-Shater was in jail for money laundering.