Zany French jocks hit the road in Radiostars

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Zany French jocks hit the road in Radiostars

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A new film about a group of radio presenters is impressing French audiences. Radiostars tells the story of a group of friends on a road-trip, but it is also an autobiography of the director Romain Levy.

This is his first film, written by friend Mathieu Oullion, starring another friend Manu Payet, and all three used to present a radio show.

Levy said: “This project was based on the desire to offer the audience a film where you don’t put a gun to their heads to move their emotions, or put the camera here saying ‘laugh, laugh’!”

“These guys on the radio got a bit arrogant and big-headed because the show was going well, life was great, you know, they lived in Paris,” explained Manu Payet, “except that the arrogance becomes a bit too much, you think less about the programme, so you lose your audience a little and drop from number one to second place. The bosses have had enough and put them in a bus saying, ‘You’re going to win back your lost listeners’.”

It is a road movie with an ensemble cast.

Actor Clovis Cornillac liked that: “In a group movie there are two possibilities. Either you stand to one side saying ‘I don’t like them, make your film, I’m not interested.’ Or you take part in the group, and the film has a generosity that brings the audience into the group.”

Radiostars won the Grand Prix at the 15th International Comedy Film Festival at l’Alpe d’Huez in January and is showing in cinemas in France.

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