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Rescued miners in Peru tell of their ordeal

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Rescued miners in Peru tell of their ordeal


Peruvian miners who were trapped underground for nearly a week have been treated in hospital following their rescue.

The men, nine of them in all, wore sunglasses to protect their eyes as they recounted their ordeal.

Several of them said they prayed and wept during moments of desperation and fear before they finally walked free.

“We were cold and hungry,” said one miner. “We went through everything in our heads. It was total darkness. We couldn’t see the sun. It was total darkness. We didn’t have anything to sleep in.”

Another said the only thing they could do was to try to stay calm and keep faith.

Fellow miners helped in the rescue digging their way towards the trapped men. The nine were kept alive by oxygen and food being pumped through to them via a hose pipe.

Eventually dizzy and dehydrated they emerged one by one from the old copper mine.

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