Protests in Kiev over the demolition of historic buildings

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Protests in Kiev over the demolition of historic buildings

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Around 300 residents of the Ukrainian capital Kiev have joined a protest to denounce the demolition of a historic tourist site.

Earlier this week, three buildings on Andriyivsky
Uzviz, a sloping cobblestone street were bulldozed.
Campaigners said the Kiev officials were in danger of destroying the city’s heritage too quickly.

The owner of the land, Ukrainian billionaire Rinta Akhmetov, wants to build a glitzy new business centre in the area instead.

One protester was worried that Ukraine’s elite may have wider plans for many city residents: “Today they are demolishing houses, kicking people out of this street. Tomorrow they’ll start kicking people out of the city,” he said.

One person was injured in scuffles with authorities during the protest.

The owner has since apologised for the demolition and promised to scrap the project. But many protesters point to a wider threat to Kiev’s historic architecture.

One said construction companies were turning the city into a “pigsty”.