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Fighting stops in Syria as ceasefire deadline passes


Fighting stops in Syria as ceasefire deadline passes

Both sides in Syria seem to be respecting Thursday morning’s ceasefire deadline. All fighting is meant to have ended by six o’clock in the morning local time, and it has been quiet in the usual flashpoint cities like Homs and Hama.
However, the opposition claims troops are not being withdrawn as agreed, though the deadline for this was on Tuesday. 
Author of the six-point peace plan Kofi Annan visited Syrian ally Iran on Wednesday, and said Tehran could help end the conflict.
There is scepticism from Western countries, with the US saying President Bashar al-Assad’s pledge to abide by the ceasefire has “little, if any, credibility”.
British Prime Minister David Cameron has urged Syian allies Russia and China to join with other countries in “tightening the noose” around the Syrian regime.


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