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Annan 'encouraged' by delicate Syria ceasefire

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Annan 'encouraged' by delicate Syria ceasefire


There is unverified amateur video purporting to show tanks still on the streets of a town near Bayanoun, as Thursday’s fragile ceasefire in Syria appears to be holding up.

Though the Syrian government has said it will respect the halt in fighting that is part of the peace plan, opposition forces claim tanks and heavy weaponry have not been moved from urban areas, as agreed.

“The cessation of violence is required by all parties, not only the Syrian government. From our side, we are fully committed, and the ceasefire is holding now. We want this mission to have a successful end in order to move to the political solution.

“The army in Syria is in a defensive mode. We will only be responding to violent armed group activities, for example, if they target government buildings,” said Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jihad Makdissi.

Western countries have expressed scepticism about the Syrian government and the opposition Syrian National Council (SNC) feel it is too early to trust them.

“The real test for us today is if people can go down and demonstrate peacefully, whether that would be possible. This is the real reality check,” SNC spokesperson Basma Kodmani told reporters at press conference in Geneva.

Arab League and UN envoy for the Syria crisis Kofi Annan, who is also the author of the peace agreement, says he is encouraged by signs that the ceasefire is being followed.

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