US monitors cancel tsunami alerts

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US monitors cancel tsunami alerts

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The US Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre on Wednesday cancelled its tsunami watch alert linked to the earthquakes off the coast of Indonesia.

It had previously included some 20 countries on that list, including Indonesia itself, Sri Lanka, Kenya and the Maldives.

In a statement, it said that “sea level readings now indicate that the threat has diminished or is over for most areas”.

Earlier, Indonesian officials said three tsunamis hit off Sumatra Island, but the largest measured just 80 centimetres high.

The alarm was raised when a massive 8.6-magnitude earthquake struck, followed by a powerful, albeit slightly weaker aftershock.

The quake hit 431 kilometres off the Indonesian city of Banda Aceh where terrified residents poured into the streets.

It triggered a series of alerts across the region and tremors were felt as far away as Singapore and Vietnam.

But there were no reports of any damage or casualties.