Syrian regime flouts UN ceasefire deadline

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Syrian regime flouts UN ceasefire deadline

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In Homs Syrian forces have kept up their assault on opponents of President Bashar al Assad.

According to activists the troops killed at least 26 people in the city on Tuesday – the day guns were to be silenced and a troop pullout was supposed to begin.

In other cities there were equally no signs of a let up in the shelling. Opposition activists claim more than 800 Syrians have been killed since Assad accepted Kofi Annan’s peace proposals on March 27.

And while Homs and Hama seemed to be bearing the brunt a human rights group said gunfire had spread northwards while arrests were made in the capital.

Along the Turkish border shooting wounded three Syrians and two Turks in the Kilis frontier refugee camp.

Turkey has given refuge to some 25,000 Syrians including officers comanding rebel forces who say they will resume their attacks if the government offensive does not stop.