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Russia president-elect Putin wants 'period of cooperation' after election row


Russia president-elect Putin wants 'period of cooperation' after election row

In his last speech to the Duma as Russian prime minister, Vladimir Putin recounted his successes in office.

They include reducing inflation and increasing living standards, according to the 59-year-old, who will take over as president when the Russian parliament resumes.

Speaking about the controversial election that got him another term in the top job, Putin said: “The country went through a difficult period of parliamentary elections. And today we still hear the echoes of these emotions, these battles.

“But the logic of a mature democracy is that after the election, we have a more important period and this is the period of cooperation. We must all look to the future, understanding that we have a common responsibility to the country.”

Not impressed with his impending May 7 inauguration as President for another six years, the opposition Just Russia party left the Duma session.

Party member Oleg Shein has been on hunger strike for 27 days since he lost a mayoral election in the southern city of Astrakhan to a candidate he claims won through fraud perpetrated by the Kremlin.

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