Panic strikes Indian Ocean countries after Indonesia earthquake

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Panic strikes Indian Ocean countries after Indonesia earthquake

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Sri Lanka is just one of the several Indian Ocean countries that received the tsunami warning following the earthquakes close to the Indonesian island of Sumatra.

The worry there is unsurprising, when people recall the deadly tsunami eight years ago that killed more than 35,000 Sri Lankans.

Housemaid Dali Silva, who had left her home, said:
“We came here because we were told that a tsunami was heading this way. There was a tsunami in 2004 as well. We lost everything then. Every time they say there is a tsunami, we run like this.”

Around 170,000 Indonesians lost their lives when the devastating wave hit eight year ago, and people in Bandah Aceh took Wednesday’s warning very seriously.

One woman described her fast actions when she heard the alert: “I grabbed my sleeping child and ran. I didn’t have time to take any belongings. I saw my husband on the street,” she said.

Indonesians living in this region are used to reacting quickly and searching for higher ground in case of tsunami.

Aceh’s previous warning was lifted three months ago after an earthquake measuring 7.3 in January.