Annan admits concern over unfolding events in Syria

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Annan admits concern over unfolding events in Syria

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U.N. and Arab League envoy, Kofi Annan has arrived in Tehran. He met with the Iran’s deputy minister of foreign affairs before the talking starts with officials in which he will press Iran, Syria’s close ally for support.

It is reported he is, “gravely concerned at the course of events” words quoted from a letter he sent to the Security Council on Tuesday in which he appealed to the council to use its leverage to prevent the collapse of his efforts.

At a Syrian refuge camp in Turkey two American senators were pointed in their criticism of Assad’s allies.

“There’s an openness among other nations, including nations in this region, to begin to more actively support the opposition in Syria with arms, weapons and other support,” said Senator Joe Liberman.

“We want this effort to be international, not unilateral, only by the USA and our message to Russia, and China, and Iran – but especially Russia and China is, shame on you! Shame on you for blocking the efforts that could have been made by the Security Council to stop the slaughter,” said Senator Joe McCain

It is understood several Western diplomats have complained privately that Damascus had appeared to win a two-day extension after flouting its first deadline under the Annan plan. But they said it was vital to keep the the security council united to maintain pressure on Assad’s government.