If you go down to the woods today......

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If you go down to the woods today......

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When five friends leave for a weekend in a remote forest, they have no idea what kind of nightmare is awaiting them, nor what is waiting for them in The Cabin in the Woods.

The movie is directed by Drew Goddard who already has several episodes of Lost on his CV.

Fran Kranz plays the dope-smoker among the group, but when it came to rolling joints, he needed a helping hand.

“We had a couple of weeks of rehearsal before we actually started shooting and Chris (Hemsworth) is learning how to ride a motorcycle, Kristen (Connolly) and Jesse (Williams) were doing scuba diving lessons for a water scene and I literally went to pot school,” Kranz explained. “I would roll joints. I’d go to the production office and just roll joints for about two hours every morning, practising my joint-rolling skills and then I’d smoke different types of weed out of different kinds of contraptions”.

It is a true horror, complete with shrieks and buckets of blood. But if Fran Kranz had to bone- up on his drug-taking skills, there was no such problem for Kristen Connolly’s vocal performance.

“I have had that scream my whole life,” she said. “I would play in the backyard sometimes and my Mum would come running out to the house thinking I’d been kidnapped or something horrible had happened and I’d just be playing.

“Anything that involves blood, really, you don’t think about how much time it takes to get it on and get it off and get it matched to exactly what it was the last time or what it is later. All of that stuff is pretty intense, so that was a big day of shooting.”

The Cabine in the Woods opens across Europe throughout April, May and June.

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