Mixed fortunes for STM

The European giant of the microchip industry, STMicroelectronics, is our focus on Behind Markets. It was the biggest loser on the CAC 40 in Paris


Football - a family affair

The male monopoly of the beautiful game is almost history. Last year’s Women’s World Cup, held in Germany, was a resounding success both in terms of


The 4th Biennial in Marrakech

Turning the world on its head is what contemporary art is all about, and the 4th biennial in Marrakech is no exception. The main installations are


Music in tablet form

A group in Estonia has taken live music into the information age by performing, not with intruments, but tablet computers. Padman from Tallinn use


France's tweeting toddlers

They start them young at a primary school at Siarrouy in the Haute-Pyrénées of south-west France. Since November 2011 they have been learning to


Spain warns on bank capital

The head of Spain’s central bank is warning the country’s lenders may need to raise more capital if the economy deteriorates. Miguel Angel

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Voodo pilgrimage in Haiti

Hundreds of voodoo practitioners take part in an annual pilgrimage in an Haitian village. The Pilgrimage to Souvenance is one of voodoo’s most