Killing on the streets sparks strike and anger

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Killing on the streets sparks strike and anger

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A floral tribute marks the place on a Brussels street where a transport inspector was beaten to death. The killing has caused outrage in the Belgian capital, led to another two days of strikes on the metro, trams and busses while the interior minister has brought forward a meeting with the members to discuss their security.

The inspector described by Belgian media as a 56 year old man who had worked for the company for 29 years died of head injuries. A suspect was arrested on Saturday afternoon.

“Can you imagine, you get a call at half six in the morning to say you that we have to tell five kids who are on school holiday that their dad had died,” explained one worker.

In a bid to end the transport shut down which has paralysed the city the government has brought forward to Monday planned talks with the workers over their security issues and improved safety.

The transport hub is vital in a city which serves as the seat of the European Commission and NATO.

The country’s royal prosecutor has condemned the killing saying violence like it would not continue. Bus and tram drivers have faced attacks before but STIB who run the system say its the first time one of its staff has been killed.