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Planes grounded on the tarmac after top brass sacked

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Planes grounded on the tarmac after top brass sacked


The airport in the capital of Yemen has been closed in protest at the sacking of the commander of the country’s air force General Saleh al-Ahmar. He is a half brother of former President Ali Abdullah Saleh.

Soldiers turned passengers away enforcing the shut down. An aviation official confirmed no flights had taken off or landed from the airport at Sanaa since late on Friday.

It is evidence of how the shadow of former President Saleh continues to haunt the country. The head of the air force was one of nearly 20 officers replaced in a reshuffle. His son and a nephew though still hold top positions. Saleh’s former deputy and now President, Abd-Rabbu Manour Hadi faces the task of uniting the factions.

A suicide attack in southern Yemen in which the two militants were killed has been claimed by a group affiliated to al Qaeda. It came a day after authorities beefed up security in the capital over warnings of a possible al Qaeda attack adding to the challenges facing President Hadi.

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