Day off in Cuba thanks to the Pope

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Day off in Cuba thanks to the Pope

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Communist Cuba has celebrated Good Friday wth an official day off recognising the religious holiday for the first time since the revolution that put Fidel Castro in power back in 1959.

For many it meant a family day out in the park all thanks to the Pope on his visit to the country last week and a request to President Raul Castro.

“I’m very happy and content. I really appreciate the Pope for giving us this day and to the revolution,” said one woman.

In another, “first” mass from the Havana Cathedral was broadcast live on the state’s TV channels.

Cardinal Jaime Ortega celebrated Mass, though on an island where less than 10 percent are regular church goers his flock was few.

Perhaps next year the numbers will swell if the authorities give the go ahead, for Good Friday in Cuba this year was a one-off.