Google glasses raise privacy fears

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Google glasses raise privacy fears

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This is the future as seen through technology giant Google’s web-based digital glasses. The video posted on youtube shows how Google’s services can be accessed directly from a pair of thin wrap-around spectacles.

The technology allows the wearer to walk around speaking commands to the glasses to do such things as take photos and post them to other users, get directions, or pop-up alerts when a friend is close. But senior editor at the website Cnet, Bridget Carey, says the development also raises serious questions about privacy:

“Google’s video talked about all the cool things you could do in your daily life to communicate with friends, but what it didn’t talk about is how companies would love to get on this and send advertisements as you are walking by the store, perhaps get some pop-up coupons. What if you’re shopping and you’re looking at a jacket? The camera can recognize the product you’re looking at and tell you the jacket is on sale”

Some European regulators have raised doubts about the legality of Google’s new privacy policy under EU law but the company insists it is lawful.

Because Google places data in the wearer’s line of sight, concerns have also been raised about safety issues while driving or walking.