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ArcelorMittal France workers reach Paris after 10-day march


ArcelorMittal France workers reach Paris after 10-day march

Singing “we have arrived”, 17 steelworkers from global steel and mining company ArcelorMittal finally reached Paris, after walking for 10 days to protest about possible job losses. Employees are worried by a temporary shutdown of furnaces which the company says is due to a slump in global demand.

“If Mr Mittal doesn’t want us, then he should leave us. There are buyers who want our know-how and skills. We are at the doors of Europe. We have knowledge and skills and we just want to work,” said ArcelorMittal worker and union member Jean Mangin.

Another employee who made the journey said: “This march is to show that the system is crazy, and even if you have a factory that makes money, that’s no longer a guarantee that you’ll keep your job.”

The protesters walked over 300 kilometres from the company’s Florange plant in northeastern France.


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