White House sees Romney as the man to beat

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White House sees Romney as the man to beat

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Republican candidate Mitt Romney’s hat-trick of primary wins on Tuesday edged him in to what many analysts see as an unassailable lead.

With more than half the delegates he needs for the presidential nomination already in the bag, Romney ignored his rivals and used his victory speech to focus on President Obama’s record.

American political pundits such as Mark Rom from Georgetown University are saying even the White House recognises Romney is likely to be the man Obama has to beat:

“Yesterday was probably the end of the Republican primary season for all intents and purposes and the beginning of the general election campaign. So, Obama is turning his guns toward Romney, Romney will begin and continue firing back.”

But Romney still has to knock out conservative Rick Santorum. Although he has less than half the delegates Romney has, the former senator thinks he can sway independent voters at August’s Republican convention.

Until now Obama has avoided giving any of the Republican candidates precedence over the others. But after Tuesday, for the first time he mentioned Romney by name, launching a sustained attack over his social welfare plans.