Romney passes halfway mark in Republican race

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Romney passes halfway mark in Republican race

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Republican front runner Mitt Romney made a clean sweep of it on Tuesday, taking all three primaries, and thereby giving his bid for his party’s presidential nomination an extra boost.

By winning in Maryland, Washington DC and Wisconsin, Romney has passed the halfway mark towards securing the number of delegates needed to take on President Obama.

“Tonight I am asking the good people of Pennsylvania, New York, Rhode Island, Delaware and Connecticut to join me,” said Mitt Romney. “Join me in the next step toward that destination of November 6. (…) we will stop the days of apologising for success at home… and never again apologise for America abroad.”

The defeats for his rival, conservative Rick Santorum increases the pressure on him to pull out of his increasingly bitter standoff with Romney. But so far there is no sign of him giving in.

“We need someone in this race who can go out and make the clarion call for liberty, someone who is stood tall and opposed on government run health care at any level: State or federal,” Santorum told his supporters in Pennsylvania where he has already starting campaigning.

With Newt Gingrich and Ron Paul trailing even further behind Romney, questions are being asked if its worth them going on with their campaigns.