Mali's parties reject offer of talks from Junta

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Mali's parties reject offer of talks from Junta

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The Malian military Junta’s offer of a national convention to discuss any hand-over of power to civilians has been rejected by political parties.

Officials have claimed the talks would be contrary to a return to constitutional order.

Meanwhile ousted President Touré could be charged with treason and financial misconduct following the coup in March.

The Junta has denounced human rights violations in the north of the country blaming Tuareg and Islamist rebels. Alleged abuses include the kidnap and rape of women and girls.

Aid agencies now fear a humanitarian crisis in Mali could be imminent and the EU and the UN have called for a ceasefire.

Timbuktu, the Unesco World Heritage site is among the seized territories. It is now under Sharia law and foreigners have fled for their safety.

The city is now deserted of tourists. Three main northern centres of the country have been taken and placed under Islamic law.

France has advised its nationals to leave the country. Over 4000 are expected to abandon their homes as the political chaos continues.