Tension in Greece after pensioner's public suicide

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Tension in Greece after pensioner's public suicide

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A Greek pensioner has committed suicide outside the parliament building in Athens because he could not cope with debts and financial worries caused by the country’s economic troubles.

The 77-year-old shot himself in the head on Wednesday morning.

In a note found on his body, he blamed his money troubles and Greece’s politicians. He also said he wanted to end it all before he had to ‘start scrounging food from the rubbish’.

A makeshift shrine has been put up where he died, with sympathisers leaving notes, candles and flowers.

Angry people marched in Athens’ Syntagma Square and gathered at the scene of the old man’s death chanting “This was not suicide – it was murder committed by the state.”

The sense of fury has boiled, resulting in clashes with the police on Wednesday night.