EU to simplify crossborder vehicle re-registration

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EU to simplify crossborder vehicle re-registration

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Life for those wishing to re-register their car in another part of Europe may soon be about to get easier. Changing number plates continues to be one of the biggest bureaucratic gripes for many motorists switching countries inside the EU. Numerous technical tests, double payment and other red tape remain common complaints.

But, Brussels is vowing to end the administrative nightmare within the next year or so. Under the European Commission’s plan, member countries must make re-registration procedures for cars, and other vehicles, including trucks, much simpler.

Eventually, that should also make buying second hand vehicles elsewhere in the EU and returning home, easier. In addition, it could be good news for tourists wishing to rent. Currently car rental companies face difficulties moving vehicles around the bloc.

‘‘If we see savings in our logistical costs, the fact we’re in an extremely competitive market, means some of those savings will reduce rental prices, that’s clear,’‘ said Didier Fenis, Managing Director of Europcar Belgium.

But the latest proposal falls short of a pan-European registration certificate. As euronews’ Audrey Tilve explains: ‘‘In many ways, a simpler solution might have been to abolish national plates and have one single European registration. For the moment, however, that is a road Europe doesn’t seem to want to go down.