Lawyer claims Toulouse gunman claimed innocence

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Lawyer claims Toulouse gunman claimed innocence

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Lawyers in both France and Algeria are offering to help the father of the Toulouse gunman to pursue claims of wrongful death in the case of his son.

With several unverified videos having surfaced on the internet purporting to show the last moments before French police shot Mohamed Merah, one lawyer now says she has clear evidence of a conspiracy.

Zania Mokhtari claims she has footage showing Merah developed a relationship with the French security forces during the 30-hour siege of his apartment and asked them, “Why are you trying to kill me, I am innocent”.

Merah died in a shootout with police after being suspected of murdering seven people including three children in Toulouse last month.
Police have cast doubt on the lawyer’s claims and say Merah admitted the killings and led police to evidence that proved he was responsible.