Argentine anger at UK on Falklands anniversary

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Argentine anger at UK on Falklands anniversary

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Argentinian anger against Britain flared up on the streets of Buenos Aires on the 30th anniversary of the Falklands War between the two nations.

Protesters burnt an effigy of Prince William and set fire to union flags outside the British embassy. A branch of the UK bank HSBC was daubed with paint.

Anticipating heated reactions on the anniversary, security services had set up barricades around the embassy building.

The demonstrators, who had earlier been part of an organised march by left-wing groups, launched a hail of missiles and petrol bombs. Police responded with rubber-bullets, tear gas and water cannon.

In the far south of Argentina, President Cristina Fernandez joined a ceremony to remember the Argentine troops killed in the war over the islands whose sovereignty Argentina still disputes three decades later.

“Memory, truth and justice,” she said. “It’s shameful that in the 21st century there are still colonial enclaves like we have here, a short distance away.”

Fernandez has increased diplomatic pressure on London to negotiate the islands’ sovereignty, something Britain’s David Cameron has said will only happen if the islanders want it.