Friends of Syria warn Damascus to end bloodshed

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Friends of Syria warn Damascus to end bloodshed

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Western and Arab nations have urged peace envoy Kofi Annan to set a timetable for action if the violence in Syria continues.

Meeting in Istanbul the “Friends of Syria” went on to warn President Bashar al Assad that time was running to adopt Annan’s peace plan. They also took a political step.

Syrian National Council President, Burhan Ghalioun:

“They have recognised the Syrian National Council as a legitimate representative of Syrian people and that means the Syrian regime is no longer a legitimate representative for these countries.”

Ministers from the US, Europe and Arab countries attended the meeting but China, Russia and Syria’s ally Iran were prominent absentees.

Although there was no mention of arming the rebel Free Syrian Army US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton promised other non-lethal support.

“The United States is also going beyond humanitarian aid and providing support to the civilian opposition, including communications equipment that will help activists organise, evade attacks by the regime and connect to the outside world,” Clinton told the meeting of foreign ministers.

Meanwhile unverified footage appeared to show yet more shelling of the city of Homs. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported on Sunday that 70 people were killed across the country.