Titanic's peaceful message to Belfast

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Titanic's peaceful message to Belfast

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The world’s biggest Titanic attraction opened this weekend in the city where the doomed liner was built one hundred years ago.

Belfast in Northern Ireland hopes the museum will boost tourism and help its efforts to turn the page on its troubled past.

Northern Ireland Deputy First Minister, Martin McGuiness, helped cut the ribbon and declared: “We are writing a new history. It’s about peace, it’s about moving forward together and it’s about providing a better future for all our people.”

Among those at the opening was a 105-year-old man who witnessed the launch of the Titanic. A carnival atmosphere prevailed throughout proceedings with people in costume dress.

“I think this is going to become a real iconic landmark. I think this is going to be a building that the city will be recognised by,” said one local.

And a tourist added: “The best part of discovering history is to be part of it and this is definitely a piece of history for Belfast and a good link to the past and the future.”

Belfast was once regarded as a no-go zone for tourists – and even its own population was largely segregated.

Euronews correspondent, Ali Sheikholeslami said: “After years of conflict and division, Northern Ireland is embracing peace. Titanic Belfast rises as a symbol of this newly-found unity on the site where the original ship was built a century ago. This magnificent building is not only a celebration of creativity, but also of reconciliation.”

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