Calls for gay rights law after neo-nazi killing

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Calls for gay rights law after neo-nazi killing

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Thousands of Chileans have joined the funeral procession for a gay man tortured and beaten to death by presumed neo-Nazis.

Daniel Zumudio was beaten on March the third in a six hour ordeal and died from his injuries on Tuesday.

Four suspects have been arrested, all of whom deny the allegations against them.

Gay and lesbian groups want such hate crimes to be punished more seriously.

Gonzalo Cid of the Movement for Sexual Diversity said new policies are needed to end homophobia.

“We don’t need anti-discrimination laws for the government to take concrete measures,” he said.

Zamudio’s death has renewed calls for more ambitious hate crimes legislation, including a bill proposed in parliament seven years ago.

The law would penalise anyone who discriminates against other people based on their race, sexual orientation or religious denomination.