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  • In Oslo, Estonian president says he wants permanent NATO bases in Estonia (Reuters)
  • More than 1,000,000 people now displaced due to Ukraine conflict, including 814,000 in Russia, UNHCR envoy tells Reuters.
  • Fifteen Ukrainian military service personnel killed in the past 24 hours, according to a military spokesman (Reuters)
  • European Commission says to hold expert level talks with Russia on Thursday to try and solve Ukraine gas price row (Reuters)
  • Attack on army convoy in Egypt’s Sinai kills eight soldiers – security, medical sources (Reuters)

The Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has threatened to nationalise banks and companies that back the opposition ahead of elections later this year.

On return from his latest trip to Cuba for cancer treatment, he was keen to show there were no ill effects, as he danced alongside children on stage in Caracas.

Chavez said he had a list of private banks that were financing what he called the opposition’s ‘destabilising plans’.

“There are big national companies and some international firms that earn a lot of money and support the opposition’s plans. It would not be a bad idea to order the nationalisation of big companies for attempting to act against the constitution and national peace,” he said.

The president, who’s seeking to extend his 13-year rule till 2019, didn’t mention individual banks or companies by name.

He’s already seized billions of dollars in assets from foreign firms. The government faces several arbitration cases after failing to reach compensation agreements.

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