Toulouse delays funeral of gunman Merah   

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Toulouse delays funeral of gunman Merah   

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Algeria did not want his body for burial. Now moves to lay Mohamed Merah to rest near Toulouse have been put on hold.
Given the gunman’s self-confessed killing spree in the city, its mayor Pierre Cohen says plans for such a service are inappropriate. The funeral has been delayed while another solution is sought.
Merah, 23, was a Frenchman of Algerian origin.
His father Mohamed Benalel Merah wanted him buried in the North African country. He says he wants to sue France over the killing of the al Qaeda-inspired gunman after a siege at his home, saying Merah could have been caught alive.
During the more than 30-hour police stand-off in Toulouse, Merah confessed to shooting dead three soldiers, a rabbi and three Jewish children.
His grave is expected to remain unmarked to prevent it being attaked by some and turned into a site of pilgrimage by others.

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