US plane diverted after pilot's erratic outburst

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US plane diverted after pilot's erratic outburst

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A US domestic flight was forced to make an emergency landing after its captain started acting strangely and terrified passengers had to restrain him.

They pounced on the captain of JetBlue flight 191 as he tried to get back into the cockpit, having been locked out by his co-pilot because of ‘erratic behaviour.’

According to those on board, that included shouting about Iraq, Afghanistan and a bomb.

“The commotion erupted and we were running, you know,” said passenger Peter Karoczkai. “The pilot ran down the aisle and probably four or five of us ran after him and I got up and went to help.”

“I was able to get him weak from cutting off his windpipe,” added fellow passenger David Gonzales. “And when I noticed he buckled, I realised that I had him where I need him so I put a little more pressure and that’s when he almost passed out. So I threw him to the floor and then the team came in and started helping me.”

The plane, en route from New York to Las Vegas, made an emergency landing in Texas where its captain has been receiving medical attention.