Syria peace plan: Assad will be "judged on his actions"

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Syria peace plan: Assad will be "judged on his actions"

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The US reacted sceptically to Syrian President Bashar al Assad’s acceptance of a UN-Arab League peace plan on Tuesday.

Secretary of State Hillary Clinton told reporters ahead of a meeting of Syrian opposition groups in Turkey that Assad will be “judged on his actions” given his history of “over-promising and under-delivering”.

Assad wrote to International envoy Kofi Annan earlier on Tuesday to accept the six-point plan which includes an end to the violence, multi-party peace talks and humanitarian aid.

Annan is due to brief the Security Council next week after talks in Moscow and Beijing to secure support for the proposals.

Mark Lyall Grant, Britain’s Ambassador to the United Nations says the plan calls for an immediate cessation of hostilities: “The first step in implementation of that (plan) will be the withdrawal, from population centres, of the Syrian heavy weaponry and that will be an important test of whether the Syrian government is going to implement the commitments it’s made.”

Several delegates walked out of a meeting of Syrian opposition groups in Istanbul that was meant to be building a unified alternative to the Assad regime. Those that left said their views were not being heard.

Meanwhile new amateur video uploaded to a social media site purportedly showed rebels in the middle of a narrow escape as the street where they were standing, within a district of Homs, came under fire.

Because of reporting restrictions in Syria, euronews cannot independently verify the images, which appeared to show shells narrowly missing the cameraman and his two allies.