German airports braced for strike chaos

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German airports braced for strike chaos

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Germany’s main airports are set to be hit by a public sector strike today with Lufthansa announcing the cancellation of more than 400 flights.
The Verdi trade union, which represents baggage handlers and ground staff, has called for a nationwide walk out over a pay dispute.

A demonstration by union members in the southern city of Stuttgart was held yesterday after thousands of public sector workers staged a warning strike last week.

“The employers have refused to consider the social part of our proposed deal ie for those workers on low and average pay.The offer that is on the table is just not enough,” said Verdi trade union leader Frank Bsirske.

Verdi is asking for a 6.5% increase in the salaries of the country’s two million public sector employees – it has already rejected a previous offer of a 3.3% rise over two years.