Senegal's president-elect to audit state finances

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Senegal's president-elect to audit state finances

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As the EU and African Union congratulate officials in Senegal for a smooth run off presidential election, attention has turned to the country’s many economic challenges.

President-elect Macky Sall, who beat long-term leader Abdoulaye Wade, campaigned against the, billions spent on massive infrastructure ventures.
Sall claimed they were “vanity projects.”

“I don’t want to start a ‘witch hunt’ against those responsible for public spending. That’s not my intention. But I will audit the national finances to find out exactly what state the country is in and where we can go forward,” said Sall in an interview with euronews ahead of the run-off election.

Sall, a former prime minister, promised to cut the cost of living in a country where the average wage is just 2 euros a day.

In the last 10 years Senegal built toll roads and started construction on a new international airport, while basic food prices skyrocketed and little was done about incessant power cuts.

There’s now an anxious wait to see if Sall can charm international investors and still help ordinary people out of poverty.