Political initiative launched to combat Mali coup

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Political initiative launched to combat Mali coup

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Five days after army officers overthrew the Mali government, representatives from over 200 parties and pressure groups have formed a new political front.

The aim is to challenge the military coup through negotiation. It is calling for the reinstatement of constitutional law and the holding of new elections.

Tiebile Drame, President of the Party for National Renaissance, explained: “We prefer to start on an optimistic basis. So we are counting on them to accept the idea of sitting at the negotiating table with our Front who hope that this situation will be sorted out quickly.”

The political initiative reflects opposition to the coup within the country while the European Union, the United States and the African Union have all been equally highly critical.

Last week’s coup was born out of frustration among soldiers over a lack of equipment to battle Nomad-rebels fighting for independence for Mali’s vast desert north.