Voting ends in Senegal's presidential run-off

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Voting ends in Senegal's presidential run-off

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As polling stations closed in Senegal’s run-off presidential election, voters were just hours away from knowing whether President Abdoulaye Wade had beaten the odds to win his controversial third term.

Opponents said his bid to stay on as leader for three years to oversee the completion of expensive infrastructure projects, was unconstitutional.

Voters said they are more concerned with rising food prices and the severe lack of jobs in the former French colony of 12.5 million people.

After February’s first round vote, about a dozen presidential outsiders united behind former prime minister Macky Sall for the top job. With a populist manifesto, Sall’s promised to cut taxes on essential food items. His plan also includes proposals to end regular power cuts from an outdated electricity grid.

Meannwhile Wade hoped he could bring out the nearly 50 percent of voters who failed to show up in the first round.