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Ukraine doctors say jailed Tymoshenko needs hospital care


Ukraine doctors say jailed Tymoshenko needs hospital care

Ukrainian doctors have said that jailed former prime minister Yulia Tymoshenko needs hospital care.

Authorites have always insisted medical facilities in her prison are adequate to treat the 51-year-old. Suffering from a spinal hernia, she is said to be in constant pain but unwilling to accept treatment behind bars.

Yuri Kotlyarevsky, the head neurosurgeon in Kharkiv where Tymoshenko is being held, told reporters her pain is now becoming chronic. He said specialist treatment is available and doctors were ready to carry it out “but in a hospital, in a specialised hospital, outside the jail”.

Five hundred kilometres from the capital Kiev, the opposition leader is serving seven years for abuse of office. The US, EU and Tymoshenko’s supporters say her trial was politically motivated.

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