'Israel loves Iran': people power seeks to stop war

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'Israel loves Iran': people power seeks to stop war

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It started as an individual Facebook post – it has spread into a popular online campaign aimed at preventing war between Israel and Iran.

“Israel loves Iran” is the work of Ronny Edry from Tel Aviv.

His message already had nearly 30,000 ‘likes’ going into the weekend, and the campaign has raised several thousand euros worth of funds.

The post has prompted numerous responses from Iranians around the world and in their own country. Many have done so anonymously.

The Iranian authorities try to block social media sites and using them to contact Israel could get people into trouble.

A large amount of people leaving comments have contrasted their own goodwill with the antagonistic rhetoric of their leaders.

This week the Israeli prime minister Benjamin Netanyahu said he was “not afraid” to confront Iran’s nuclear threat, amid speculation that Israel is planning an attack.

According to a recent poll, fewer than one in five Israelis supported such a move.

Ronny Edry says he wants his message – which has attracted some scepticism – to become too big for policy-makers to ignore.