Cameron calls last orders for 'binge-drinking Britain'

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Cameron calls last orders for 'binge-drinking Britain'

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British Prime Minister David Cameron wants to call time on supermarkets selling cut-price alcohol in England and Wales.

He believes it will curb crime and disorder, improve health and clamp down on the so-called binge drinking culture.

“I said months ago that we needed to get to grips with the problem of super-cheap alcohol that’s fuelling violence on our streets and causing mayhem in our Accident and Emergency units and damaging the health of the country, And I think this minimum unit pricing is a big part of the answer,” Cameron said.

The target price will be 40 pence (0.40 euros) per centilitre of alcohol.

A 70cl bottle of Tesco Value vodka with 37.5 percent alcohol content would rise from £8.72 to £10.40 under the plans.

The Association of Police Chiefs welcomed the announcement.

The semi-autonomous Scottish Parliament is already planning to set a minimum price north of the border.

Retailers and manufacturer oppose the plans, saying there is no proven link between price and consumption.

Health experts said in a report last month that more 200,000 Britons will be killed prematurely by alcohol over the next twenty years.