Portugal strike fails to rouse workers

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Portugal strike fails to rouse workers

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Strikers halted trains, shut ports and paralysed most public transport in Portugal on Thursday, but the protests against government austerity measures were limited.

Several people were injured when police clashed with a small group of younger protesters in the heart of Lisbon. They included two journalists, who will be pressing charges against the police for the injuries they received.

The strike, called by the country’s largest trade union, the Communist-led CGTP, was not followed by the second largest UGT union, which had backed previous protests. It is allied to the opposition Socialist party, and has signed up for labour market reforms imposed on Portugal by the IMF and EU.

The strike’s effects on other sectors of the economy, especially the private sector, appeared to be negligible.

Observers noted that the industrial action appeared to be one of the smallest in recent years.