Prosecutor views murder films of Toulouse killer

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Prosecutor views murder films of Toulouse killer

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Witnesses of Monday’s school killings were not mistaken. The murders were filmed.

Mohamed Merah told investigators where to find the images which he claimed to have posted online. They made difficult viewing.

“The films are extremely explicit,” Paris Prosecutor Francois Molins told a news conference in Toulouse.
“You do, in fact, see him at his meeting with the motobike seller, enquiring about his soldier’s status and then shooting him down with two bullets, while saying to him: “You kill my brothers. I kill you.” You also see him gunning down the soldiers in Montauban in an extremely violent scene and making his escape on his scooter, shouting: “Allah Akbar” and finally you see him carrying out his massacre at the Jewish school in Toulouse on Monday morning.”

There is no evidence that Merah was in any group but one linked to al Qaeda has claimed responsibility for the bloodshed in Toulouse.

“While it seems certain that he was behind the killings, investigations are continuing and from now on will focus on looking for any accomplices who may have either convinced him to carry out these deeds, or provided him with the means to do so,” Molins added.

Merah’s brother Abdelkader is in custody and other family members have been questioned. However the enquiry may spread much further afield.