Mali coup witness describes looting

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Mali coup witness describes looting

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In an exclusive phone interview with euronews, a Spanish geologist currently working in Mali has described scenes of looting.

Ignacio Garcia-Martin, however, said the local community remains calm. He spoke from the Bamako hotel where he has been staying.

“The streets are controlled by the army. There are patrols everywhere,” he said.

“There isn’t any gunfire at the moment. What is happening now is they are looting hotels and saying they are looking for the president.

“They turned up here in a pick-up and several stolen cars and motorbikes. First of all, they asked for alcohol, alcoholic drinks. Then they ransacked the reception area and asked for the keys of the rooms. They went in some of the rooms and then left.

“The only contact we have with the outside world is through this phone. We have nothing else.

“When they came in I saw they were searching people, so I hid it in my pocket and they didn’t ask me anything.

“People here are taking this in quite a matter of fact way. They are much more matter of fact than we can manage to be. They’re really more relaxed.”