Frenchwoman denied freedom in Mexican kidnap case

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Frenchwoman denied freedom in Mexican kidnap case

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The Mexican Supreme Court has turned down an application to release a French woman from a 60-year jail sentence, in a case that has soured diplomatic relations between the two countries.

Florence Cassez was convicted in 2008 of leading a notorious kidnapping gang.

One of the five Supreme Court judges, Arturo Zaldivar, argued that Cassez’s rights had been infringed denying her a trial.

A key sticking point is the period after her arrest, when instead of being taken to a prosecutor, police made her take part in a staged reconstruction where she was portrayed as the kidnapper. The reconstruction was later aired on TV as a real event.

Cassez has always said her only connection with kidnapping was that her boyfriend at the time was a gang leader.

A majority of the judges did, however, acknowledge violations of her rights and police misconduct which could lead to a retrial.